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7 Trusted Signs of a Professional Courier Service

September 12, 2018 Courier

courier service

A great courier service can do wonders for your business. However, an unreliable one can raise your stress levels and can give your business a lot of unnecessary problems and headaches.

Luckily, there are a few things you can look for before you choose a courier to know you’re making the right decision. Below is our list of the top 7 signs of a professional courier service that you need to be looking for.

1. They’re Readily Available

A great courier service will be very available at all times and will be easy to communicate with and get in contact with. Your business likely has its own unique needs and you may require delivery assistance for a high volume of packages.

If so, you need to find out what their availability is and what services they will offer and when. You need to discuss your monthly needs with a courier beforehand to make sure they can meet your requirements.

Before choosing a courier to work with, make sure that they can handle your needs and will be available when and how much you need them.

2. They Offer Fair Prices

You also need to look for a courier that offers fair prices and can work within your budget. Make sure to shop around a bit and make sure you’re not paying more than you have to.

While you shouldn’t pay exorbitant prices you also probably shouldn’t go for the cheapest option either. Not every courier has all of the best services that your business may need for a successful delivery.

A great courier service will offer fair prices but will also have all of the services you need. While they may charge more than some budget couriers, they will also have the right features and services.

3. They Have a Track Record of Reliability

It’s important to find out about a courier’s reputation and to see what their track record is. Usually, great couriers will have proven themselves time and time again as being reliable and they will work hard to meet the needs of a business.

You may be able to find out some things about their track record by checking online reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Additionally, you may also want to check out the testimonials and ask if you can speak to references and other customers about the courier.

4. They Prioritize Great Customer Service

A great courier will understand that the success of your business, along with the other businesses they serve, are essential for their own success. Because of this, they’ll prioritize great service and they’ll offer you a great customer experience as a result.

It can be difficult knowing how a courier will be to work with before you hire them. However, by checking out their track record you should be able to learn a great deal about what to expect.

Also, take note of how they speak with you and present themselves when you first get in contact with them. It may give you a great idea of how they’ll be once you have an ongoing working relationship as well.

5. They Guarantee Their Work

It’s important not to choose a courier service who doesn’t offer a guarantee for their work. They should provide you protection should things go wrong with a delivery. It’s important that your company is fully protected from liability, so make sure that they have insurance before getting started.

They should have insurance available for all packages you send and if they fail to deliver or if a package gets damaged in transit you need to be covered.

Check beforehand what insurance and guarantees they offer for their work. If they don’t offer any kind of security for your packages and problems that may happen, you may want to keep looking for a different courier instead.

6. They Offer Special Services

Every business has different needs, so it’s important to think about yours carefully before you choose a courier service to work with. Not every courier can do everything. A great courier, however, will have many services that meet your specific needs.

Depending on your business and what you will need to have delivered, it might be important to look for a courier that has temperature control options. Warehousing options may also be useful.

It’s also important to look for freight options if needed. Take the time to find out if they have any priority or express delivery options that you can use in a pinch.

Finally, you also need to know their location of operation. Depending on your needs, you may want to check if they operate only locally, nationally, or globally.

7. They Use the Latest Technology

In addition to special services, a great courier will also be up to date with the latest technology and they’ll use it for their business operations.

Tracking options are essential and can allow you to always know where your package stands and how any given delivery is going. At the very least you should expect to get an email notification once a package has been delivered successfully.

A great courier will make use of other types of technology as well to improve their processes and ensure a successful delivery. If you get the sense that their technology is still stuck in the dark ages, you may want to keep looking to find a more modern courier who has caught up with the times.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a professional courier service, it’s important to look for the above signs first. If you do, you’ll have much better chance at choosing a courier that meets your every need.

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