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Many people have attempted to ship themselves, but no one has ever succeeded.

While you probably just want to ship a product, you need to use the right service.

Courier mail can handle some things that the postal service can’t (though a living human isn’t one of them). However, you should understand the differences between the two services, and that starts with learning the basics of each.

Basics of Courier Mail

Since most people only have experience with regular mail, you might be asking, what is a courier?

A mail courier delivers packages and traditional mail, but it’s separate from the postal service.

There are standard courier services that offer deliveries for small and medium-sized packages. Typically, these deliveries are within the same country, but international couriers services are available.

A courier can also help deliver packages more quickly than the postal service. If you need to ship a package and get it to the destination within a day, courier mail is a great option.

You might also want to use courier mail if you ship packages in bulk. Courier services can handle bulk shipments more easily than postal mail.

Some couriers also offer luggage delivery. You might also be able to get extra insurance when you ship with a courier.

Basics of Postal Services

Postal services are typically public services, and they’re great for shipping personal mail and packages. A government runs postal services, and so they can be a cheap option.

The United States government runs the U.S. Postal Service, also known as USPS. You can send letters, pay bills by mail, or ship small to medium-sized packages.

USPS can send mail and ship packages within the United States. You can ship packages from a USPS store. If you need to send a letter, you can leave it in your mailbox or put it in a USPS dropbox.

For international mail, the USPS works with the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The UPU helps distribute mail across international borders.

A postal service is the basic method to use when sending and receiving personal mail. However, it’s not as great as courier mail when it comes to shipping packages for your business.

How They Differ

If you’re trying to decide to use courier mail or postal mail to send a package, you should understand the differences. While both options can get your package to its destination, the methods involved aren’t the same.

Multiple factors differ between the two shipping methods. Of course, some of those factors will also differ from courier to courier.

No two companies work exactly the same. Also, certain factors can change based on the size of your package, the weather, or other unrelated factors.

However, you should understand the basic differences. Then, if you need to send a package, you can decide which shipping method is best for you.

Everything from cost to delivery speed can vary when using courier mail or postal mail. Consider what factors are the most important to you so that you can determine whether a method is worth it.


No matter which shipping option you choose, you should look at how much it will cost. In general, larger packages are more expensive to ship than smaller ones.

If you have a small letter to send, you can buy a stamp for less than a dollar and ship it through the postal service. For other small packages that you send to family, the postal service is also probably your best bet.

However, while courier mail can be more expensive, it might be worth it. If you own an online business and ship a lot of packages, you can afford to pay more.

Unfortunately, USPS can only handle so many packages and letters in a day. On the other hand, you can spend a bit more money on courier mail to get faster, more accurate deliveries.

Not everyone will need the “upgrades” that come with a courier service. Still, you should consider your budget when choosing how to ship something.

Delivery Time

The growth of e-commerce and companies like Amazon has brought with it the expectation of rapid shipping and same-day delivery. If you need or want to send a package quickly, you need a service that can handle that.

While you can save money with the basic postal service, courier mail can help you improve shipping for you and the recipient. Fast shipping can be essential for some customers.

If you own an online business, you need to offer fast shipping to be competitive. Unless you have a unique product, people will want to choose the item with either faster or less expensive shipping.

Another thing to consider is if a courier service offers a specific delivery window. The USPS rarely offers more than the expected date of delivery.

However, if you have a package that the recipient needs to sign for, you might need a shorter timeframe. Then, you can coordinate with your recipient to make sure they can be home to sign for the package.


Almost nothing is worse than sending a package than having it get stuck somewhere. If you send a lot of packages, you need to choose a courier mail service that you can trust.

If you have issues with a courier, you should switch to another one. The same is true if you have problems with a postal service.

The right courier service should offer help with your packages. Ideally, you would get a tracking number so that you and the recipient can track the shipment.

If you plan to offer returns to customers, you need a courier service that can work with that. You should also look for a courier that follows its own rules regarding customer support.


Another thing to consider is how much convenience matters to you. If you plan to ship a package, you often need to go to the post office to do so.

However, some courier mail companies offer more than that. In some cases, you can package a shipment and have someone pick it up from your home or office.

You can save time going to the post office or another site to send off packages.

Pack. Ship. Relax.

Shipping packages can be stressful, especially if you have a lot of them to do. You should compare and contrast courier mail and postal mail to choose the best option for you.

Courier services can take some of the stress off of shipping a ton of packages. Then, you can focus on other things instead.

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You know the dread you feel when you’ve sent a package but you’re gambling about whether it will arrive before the big event? Have you ever sat and checked delivery status over and over, only to find the same “out for delivery” message?

If this sounds like you, then you’re ready to explore how a courier service ups the game. When you need to deliver something, you need to ensure it gets there in time.

The differences between a mail courier and a postal service help you determine the best way to deliver your important package. Here are some of the ways the two vary in service, price, and other details.

Who Runs the Company

One of the biggest differences between a mail courier service and a postal service is the people in charge. In general, governments run postal services as a national program. Courier services aren’t subject to the same regulations because they aren’t run by a government office.

Private businesses and corporations don’t have as many restrictions or red tape. They’re free to offer more services and charge more for them. Be sure to ask the right questions before you hire a courier to make sure they’re the right choice for your shipping needs.

How Much It Costs

Another chief difference between a postal service and a mail courier service is the price. While postal services offer shipping at a cheaper rate, they also have longer delivery times and aren’t as organized. Tracking your package may lead to problems, and they don’t always deliver on time.

With a courier service, you’ll pay more but you’ll get supreme service and better shipping guarantees. If you’re paying for next-day service, you should get next-day service without any hiccups.

Who Handles the Shipment

Sometimes one postal service doesn’t handle the delivery during the entire trip. That means you’re subject to two different countries’ regulations and delays, instead of only one. There may end up being trouble with tracking and communications between the countries and their postal services.

With a courier service, the same company takes your package the entire way. You’re sure of having a line of communication with the company and knowing where your shipment is at all times. You also have the peace of mind that your items aren’t lost or taking forever because of the transfer between services.

Specific Times of Delivery

Often courier services can offer a specific window of time for delivery, like 12-2 p.m., whereas a postal service can only specify a day. Because they know the details of your package, they can be more specific about their estimates. They service its delivery the entire journey.

Postal services handle a larger volume at a much lower rate, so they aren’t able to provide as many details. While they do offer tracking, the system doesn’t always work like it’s supposed to. Instead, you’re left with vague details and packages that get lost (and sometimes they never get found).

Using a Mail Courier vs. Postal Service for International Shipping

Besides the use of two separate postal services, international shipping brings a host of other complications. Packages and shipments have to go through customs and extra red tape when coming from or going to another country.

Customs can delay a package indefinitely because they require the recipient to pay a fee. If the other country’s officials can’t reach the intended recipient, the package stays in limbo until someone comes to pay the taxes and fees.

Courier services offer prepaid taxes and fees for international shipping. They avoid the red tape and avoid having to rely on the recipient for a timely delivery. Instead, they deliver the package right to the recipient, without extra headaches and problems.

Extra Services Offered

Postal services can’t offer as wide an array of special services that courier companies can. They’re limited by the sheer volume of shipments, as well as their budget restrictions.

Couriers don’t have the same problems, so they can offer extra services like refrigeration. If you have something that needs to stay cold during shipping, courier companies can ensure this.

Couriers also work to improve the final mile distribution. This is the part of your package’s journey where it reaches the recipient’s door. While this can take the longest out of the entire process, couriers have better solutions to making this a fast and easy leg of the trip.

A courier company can hire more drivers and delivery members by outsourcing the job. The same way people can drive for Lyft, they can pick up packages and deliver them for couriers.

This takes the burden off the company to have so many in-house employees. It means fewer packages on each truck and faster delivery times.

More distribution centers also help with final mile delivery, and private firms can add these a lot easier than government agencies. Postal services are closing more and more of their branches, an estimated 200 in 2019. At the same time, courier services continue adding brick-and-mortar warehouses to serve as distribution centers and make the final mile easier, faster, and cheaper.

The Clear Choice

With the above differences between a mail courier and a postal service, it’s easy to see which one works best. Especially in the case of specialized deliveries and time-sensitive parcels and documents, couriers have better service.

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Thousands of people look to send packages across the country. Regardless of the package’s value, there are two popular ways of sending it to the intended receiver.

There is the old school way of sending it via mail and there’s the option to hire a courier service.

There is, however, an ongoing courier vs mail debate. Both options have their pros and cons. The idea of sending packages through the local post office continues to have a strong following.

The courier industry, on the other hand, continues to expand. This is because of the constant rise in consumer spending.

But certainly, there is one that is better than the other in the grander scheme of things.

Continue reading below as we attempt to settle the issue once and for all.

Solving the Conundrum

As we mentioned earlier, both options have their advantages and disadvantages. To solve the courier vs mail conundrum, there is no way to go but to pit them head-to-head. Let’s take a look at how they fare against one another in some of the most important aspects.


When it comes to speed, courier services easily trump traditional mail. The general average time for intra-city deliveries for postal services is between 1 to 4 days. Courier services, on the other hand, offer same-day deliveries for local shipping.

When it comes to international shipping, courier services have networks in different countries. They simply continue to grow. This allows them to handle deliveries in a much faster manner.

Delivery Options

As far as delivery options go, courier services still get the upper hand. Traditional mail providers will tell you that your package will arrive at a specific day. However, they cannot provide a specific time of arrival.

Neither can the customer guarantee that the package will arrive on an intended day.

On the flip side, couriers can assure delivery. They can give written guarantees that the package reaches the receiver on the day that the clients want. The clients can also instruct them to deliver the package at a specific time of the day.

They can also hold the package for a week or send it right away.

When it comes to the actual delivery, the mail service can provide a record showing that the package reached its destination. But customers may need to shell out some extra money to secure the record.

On the other hand, couriers normally provide proof of delivery to their customers. It is part of their services and people don’t need to pay extra for it.

Also, a reputable courier will offer online tracking. Customers simply need to input their package’s tracking number and they will see the progress of the shipping process.


In terms of convenience, couriers leave the post office in the dust. The traditional mailing route requires customers to physically go to the post office. Clients may also need to go through a long queue.

They may even need to fill up forms and answer questions regarding the contents of their package.

Opting for the courier, on the other hand, will only require a single phone call. Give the courier the important details and they will head on to the customer’s place to pick up the package.


When it comes to dependability and reliability, the mail service does not have a stellar record to show for. There are hundreds of horror stories of parcels and letters failing to reach their respective destinations.

But with a courier company, it is their top priority to bring their clients’ packages to their rightful destinations.

The Cost

Last but not least, customers also need to compare the cost. Head-to-head, the regular mail gets the nod when it comes to affordability. Sending a small package will cost less through the traditional mailing route.

There is usually a fixed rate that post offices apply on packages. The rates depend on the size and weight of the parcel.

However, if people are looking to send a bigger package, the courier is the wiser choice. The price difference is no longer that big. The sender can also rest knowing that their package will safely reach the receiver.

Courier vs Mail: The Verdict

If the sender simply wants to send a letter or small package without considering time sensitivity, then they may go for the traditional mail service. But if they want their packages to reach their destination with certainty, then going to the courier is the wiser decision to make.

Choosing the Right Courier Services

When choosing a courier, don’t settle for the first one you see online. A wise customer needs to consider key factors to ensure they are getting the best value for their money. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Industry Reputation

First, the sender needs to check the industry and market reputation of the courier companies. Go for a company that has a reputation for being credible and dependable.

Ask contacts for referrals. Ask them what they think of the courier companies that are on your shortlist.

Insurance Options

A wise sender also wants a courier company that offers insurance options. As much as the courier promises to deliver the items, there are unforeseen events that may happen. Thus, customers need a courier that covers the shipment with insurance.

Not sure if they’re the right ones? Ask for a free quote first. This should ensure you and the courier are on the same page.

Weight and Size Limitations

People also want to check the size and weight limitations of the courier company. This is crucial especially if they are looking to send a large package.

Enjoy Safe and Secure Courier Services, Today!

Now that the courier vs mail debate is over, the only thing left is finding the right courier company. As we mentioned above, senders need to consider some factors to ensure value for money.

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Did you know that the United States Postal Service handles about 500 million pieces of mail each day?

In comparison, major carriers like UPS and FedEx deliver about 34 million packages combined. With that, the USPS says they have the Dangerous Mail Investigations Program to ensure package safety.

If you want more productivity in your business, you need proper mailroom management. It’s important since an employee dropping everything to send multiple packages makes the workplace inefficient. You can’t rely on the USPS either because mailroom management starts at your workplace!

But don’t fret, we’re here to help.

Are you ready to learn about mailroom organization? If so, read on and find out more.

Mailroom Management Tips

Mailroom organization revolves around encouraging everyone to do their part. You also need to build an outgoing mail process to make the process less hectic. Here are some tips that can help you with your mailroom management.

1. Set Pick-up Times

Let everyone know the time the mail gets picked up each day. It helps start a manageable rhythm to the tasks related to your mails. It’s important to enforce a firm deadline when dropping off the packages if they need it mailed as soon as possible.

Make it a point that any mail given after the dropping period won’t go out until the next day. A good way to tell your employees is through email. Ensure that they’ll know the importance of the daily deadlines to your new mailroom organization system.

Post reminders in the mailroom and other strategic locations. That will ensure that your current staff is on track and it will let make them adapt to the new routine.

2. Give Enough Storage

You need to put a designated spot for everyone to put their outgoing packages. Otherwise, everyone will end up keeping them on their desks longer than necessary. Worse, they might place them in random locations throughout the mailroom.

Invest in Shelves and boxes, especially those that can hold different package types. This will help keep all the mail in a single spot. Put clear labels for the areas dedicated for outgoing mail to prevent undue confusion.

3. Get the Right Information

Your employees should know that their packages won’t go through until they have the right details. This includes their recipient’s address, their return address, and more. Make a sign and display it within the mailroom — it should include a checklist of all the information you need.

You need to get this right. Poor service can negatively affect your consumers’ behavior and view regarding your business.

Everyone should be aware of the consequences of delivering packages without the proper information. They’re more likely to put all the needed details next time if they know they’ll get delayed otherwise.

4. Set Up Mailroom Stations

There will be more work when people use packaging that won’t last in transit. That’s why you need to encourage everyone to do the proper wrapping. The easiest way to do this is by stocking the mailroom with all the required supplies, which include:

  • Boxes
  • Labels
  • Tape
  • Envelopes

Make sure it’s organized for easier employee access, in an order of how they’ll use them when packing. You can also include an instruction sheet that outlines how to prepare packages for delivery. It helps ensure everyone knows how to wrap their packages properly.

5. Check Some Tech Solutions

Does your business process a lot of mail? If so, you need to start investing in technology that helps lighten the task. A good example is a postage meter since it will weigh the package as well as print out the shipping labels and calculate the postage.

Your business also benefits from mailroom management software since it helps automate the majority of the process. It can track your incoming and outgoing mail, especially when you receive a high mail volume. Another great feature of this software is their automatic notifications, so you’ll know when to ask your carrier for more pick-up times.

6. Have Bulk Sort Units and Disposal Units

Depending on the type of business, you might need an exclusive area for the bulk mail. It’s especially important when you have a large number of incoming and outgoing bulk mail. There are bulk sort units that can hold both incoming and outgoing mail, regardless of its volume.

The bulk sort units have shelves that hold large mail buckets. That enables you to store bulky mail without any problems. With that, you can give more space to other, more business-related processes.

Even if you only run a small business in the US, it’s possible to get a lot of unnecessary mail. You might also have some sensitive mail that needs immediate disposal. That’s why your mailroom should have some shredders for sensitive documents and recycling units to get rid of mails while helping the environment.

7. Hire Professionals

Your business might need a lot of attention for it to stay afloat. If so, it might be better for you to start thinking about hiring experts. Outsourcing help can free up some manpower and other resources while ensuring that your mail or products arrive on time.

Another benefit of hiring professionals is their ability to process same-day deliveries. For most small businesses, this is impossible to do in-house. But with the right vendor, you can make the entire mailroom easier to manage.

If you choose to go through with this, you need to do extensive research. This allows you to know which vendors can benefit your business the most. Look for online reviews and other indicators to have an informed decision on which vendor to partner with.

Organize Your Mailroom Today!

There are a lot of ways for you to improve your mailroom management process. It’s important to remember that it always starts with your employees. To make the most out of these improvements, you need to get everyone to adapt to the new system.

In any case, these tips are great starting points when you need to organize your mailroom. But don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re not sure where to start. Contact us today and we’ll assist you.