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If your company does even a small amount of overseas mail volume, you need to know the benefits of using SDS international mail capabilities. SDS International Mail Service applies overseas postage here in the United States. This allows your mail to be sent directly from JFK airport to the destination country enabling your mail to be injected quicker into that particular country’s mailstream so it arrives to its destination sooner. This systematic approach is used as an alternative to the United States Postal Service (USPS) or international couriers. This process can save time and often save you money. SDS cost-effective International and Canadian mail/parcel delivery services also includes Fulfillment Services to further streamline your distribution needs.

With SDS, you can choose from a variety of overseas mailing services to satisfy your mailing needs and delivery time expectations. And no matter which level of service you choose, you can take advantage of substantial foreign postal discounts for considerable cost reductions. If you mail catalogs, statements, newsletters, magazines, or promotional materials, you should use SDS International Mail. The benefits to you are: postal cost savings with equal or better delivery times; timely return of undeliverable or improperly addressed mail to help you update your database; no sorting or special handling by you. We do it for you, giving you more time to work on your core business.

International Mail Services include:

  • Direct Injection
    International mail posted directly into a Country’s postal systems (2-6 day service).
  • International Priority Mail
    Generally, one day behind direct injection for time sensitive materials (3-7 day service).
  • International Economy Mail
    A cost effective service for less time-sensitive printed materials (5-14 day service).
  • Domestic Mail
    All types of domestic mail, first class, priority, periodicals and standard.
  • Priority Parcel Service
    For packages weighing over six lbs, we can provide a faster delivery time.
  • Canada Mail
    Prepare and sort a wide range of mailing services for Canadian mail.
  • Fulfillment 
    Store, pick, pack and ship your inventory or literature daily, weekly or monthly anywhere in the world.