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Document Disposal & Shredding Services


Document Disposal is the Law, Whether Cleaning, Purging Files or Moving.

Effective June 1, 2005, any business or individual that uses “consumer information” for a business purpose must comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s (“FTC”) new “Disposal Rule” to prevent unauthorized access or use of sensitive information derived from consumer reports. The purpose of the Rule is to protect consumers against fraud and identity theft. The Rule requires disposal practices that are “reasonable and appropriate to prevent unauthorized access to or use of the information in connection with its disposal.” The Rule applies to information in paper, computer or any other format. Reasonable disposal measures must be taken so the end result is that personal information is unreadable or incapable of being reconstructed.

SDS can help your organization comply with the laws and regulations with our document shredding service. Whether your files are stored in our warehouse facility or at your office or elsewhere, we can provide you with certified document destruction by fully insured employees. By having SDS destroy your documents, you can eliminate the time your support staff spends on shredding which results in cost savings for you. If you are a Lawyer, Accountant, Physician or any business with confidential information, failure to shred can result in stiff fines. Let SDS help you with your document disposal.