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Special Events & Tradeshow Shipping


Worried That Your Trade Show Materials Won’t Get There or Intact? Call SDS.

SDS has a team of trade show specialists who understand the importance of a successful trade show and will do whatever it takes to give you peace of mind in shipping your materials. With the experience of thousands of shipments worldwide for trade shows and the like, our team works to be certain your booth, sales materials, signage and premiums arrive at the show on schedule, intact and with unparalleled service. Not only can SDS deliver your materials to an event, but, after the show, we can recover the materials and ship them back to you or to the SDS warehouse for storage and future shows.

We can clear every shipment with expertise and personal attention which will give you more time and energy on your business initiatives. Our focus on trade show shipping has taught us a few things over the years that can make your next trade show experience better. Contact SDS and learn how we can help you.