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What Is Liftgate Service and Do You Need It?

May 15, 2019 Trucking

About 71 percent of the total freight tonnage in the U.S is moved by trucks.

Of all these deliveries, chances are there are some destinations that will not have the necessary equipment to facilitate safe and secure offloading.

Typically, when a package weighs more than 150 pounds, offloading it becomes quite a hassle especially if you are depending on raw manpower.

This leads to increased chances of an accident happening and the shipment getting damaged or people getting injured.

If you are looking to get cargo freighted to your premises and you do not have the right equipment to offload it, you need to consider employing a liftgate delivery service.

While at it, here are some things you could do to reduce your shipping expenses. This article will discuss everything you need to know about liftgate delivery.

What Is a Liftgate?

Also known as a tail lift, this is a mechanical device that is installed on the back of trucks to enable the handling of goods. It either gets cargo from the ground level to the truck’s bed or from the truck’s bed to the ground level.

The majority of liftgates utilize pneumatic, hydraulic, or mechanical mechanisms to facilitate operation. An operator typically uses an electric relay switch to control the movement.

A liftgate is usually employed when there is either no equipment to load/offload cargo or when using such equipment is impractical.

Also, if the loading dock is a raised platform, a liftgate can serve as a bridge to aid the loading of goods.

Most liftgates can lift up to 5000 pounds.

How Does a Liftgate Work?

The operation usually starts with the gate being in a folded position and tucked against the back or under the truck. The operator (usually the driver) will then lower it and unfold it so as to create a lifting platform.

For offloading, the cargo is placed on the liftgate and safely lowered to the required level. For loading purposes, the driver adjusts the gate to meet the cargo’s height.

When to Use Liftgate Delivery

Liftgate delivery is typically used when a facility doesn’t have the ability to safely offload the freight or lift it to the trailer’s height.

The following are some of the instances where you might need liftgate services:

1. When You Have no Access to a Loading Dock

Most facilities that do not operate a shipping bay or loading dock tend to lack the capacity to load a standard trailer unless they have a forklift.

Nonetheless, such facilities tend to get by just fine as long as their freight items do not weigh over 150 pounds per piece.

However, on occasions where they have cargo weighing over 150lbs, a forklift or liftgate service is essential for safe loading or offloading.

2. Construction Sites

Most construction sites either lack shipping docks or do not have an adequate one built.

Nonetheless, as construction sites tend to receive materials on a regular basis, proper delivery has to be ensured. A liftgate delivery service would be incredibly beneficial in aiding those efforts.

3. Residential Delivery

Over 100 million American homes require regular freight delivery. Nevertheless, not a lot of houses are equipped to handle the unloading of containers or trailers.

Trouble sets in when shipments that are too big for regular shipping such as UPS, USPS, or FedEx need to be delivered.

Therefore, if you are looking to get goods such as homebuilding materials and furniture delivered to you, consider utilizing a liftgate service that offers residential services such as home deliveries.

Benefits of Using Liftgate Services

There is no question that liftgate comes with lots of benefits. Here are some of them.

Preventing Injuries

Lifting heavy materials is one of the leading causes of injuries on job sites. Workplace injuries not only waste time but might also get you sued.

These injuries usually occur as a result of people overexerting themselves or using improper lifting technique.

A liftgate mitigates this risk by ensuring that they do not have to do so.

Preventing Damage

The height of an average trailer’s bed is enough to guarantee breakage or other forms of damage if the load falls.

The losses that follow could see to you spending several times you’re the initial expense. This is because you will have to pay for the delivery then embark on requesting another shipment and paying for its safe delivery and offloading as well.

This can be prevented by simply using liftgate services especially in the cases of valuable freight.

Less Manpower

Liftgate service requires little manpower during deliveries leading to fewer disruptions at work.

If, for example, you require materials delivered to a worksite, chances are that the people working there are already involved in other tasks.

Thus, derailing them from their jobs to serve as an unloading crew will obviously affect their productivity.

As such, if you are working on a project where there are deadlines to be met, consider using liftgate services as it only requires the driver to offload.

Choose Liftgate Service

There are a lot of worries and concerns that come with ordering and shipping products. Many people naturally worry about many things such as whether the goods will arrive on time or whether the goods will reach in good shape.

One thing that you do not need to add to your list of worries, however, is whether you will damage the goods yourself upon their arrival.

However, without proper skill and equipment, damage to goods as well as injury becomes a real possibility.

To this end, equipment such as a lift fork is invaluable. Nevertheless, if you do not handle such deliveries regularly, purchasing a lift fork does not make economic sense.

This is why liftgate delivery services are so convenient. For a small extra fee, your freight company will get your package delivered via a liftgate-fitted truck or trailer.

Are you looking to have heavy or valuable products freighted to you? SDSG Global Logistics has worked with numerous clients to ensure that their packages are not only delivered on time but also safely offloaded.