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You’ve Got Mail: Your Guide to Same Day Mail Delivery

January 14, 2021 mail deliverysame day logistics

Do you have a physical letter or item that needs urgent mailing? If so, same-day delivery is the best delivery option. Are you wondering, what time do I have to mail a letter for it to get delivered within the day?

The logistics industry saw a huge jump in growth and development during the pandemic. More people are getting their goods online and expecting them delivered to their doors. Now, 36% of US consumers buy their retail goods online.

To roll with the times, you need to offer same-day mail delivery in your business, as well. No matter how small or big your business, consumers expect their items to reach them right away. Below, we’ve got a guide on what you need to know about same-day delivery.

Why Offer Same-Day Mail Delivery in Your Business?

Not all businesses are like Amazon, which has exclusive shipping services now. The brand delivers 46% of all Amazon orders in the US. It’s what makes the online retail brand even more popular and in-demand.

However, Amazon doesn’t offer everything. It also doesn’t have what smaller businesses have, which is a focus on a niche market. You don’t need to compete with big brands like Amazon to keep your business open.

What you need is to adapt to the times. This includes learning and adding same-day mail delivery to your services. Be it to the other side of the country or within the city, your customers should know that you can deliver just as fast.

Also, customers are willing to pay a little extra money if they can get their orders delivered within a day. Millennials are also more likely to buy from your online shop if you offer same-day delivery. It’s an outlook gained from the quickness of the internet and modern technology.

Let’s not forget that there are people who like to buy their holiday or anniversary gifts last minute. If you offer same-day delivery, you’ve got a good chance of attracting those types of customers. It’s also more practical to order something that they’ll need soon rather than order something they won’t need for a long time.

Same-Day Delivery vs. Regular Mail Delivery

Instead of looking up how many days for regular mail delivery in the same city, we’ve got it here for you. The Postal Service takes 2-3 days to deliver local first-class mail. Any mail delivery going out of the city will take 3-5 days.

Remember that the pandemic is causing some issues with delivery times, as well. You’re looking at a delay of 2-3 days. That’s not counting the delays caused by any weather changes or other factors.

However, the problem with same-day delivery services is that they aren’t often available in non-metro areas. There’s no big demand for same-day mail delivery in rural areas. If a courier offered same-day delivery in rural areas, it’d only cost the business more.

What To Remember for Businesses Considering Same-Day Delivery Services

Is it worth it to offer same-day mail delivery services in your business? Will it be better to use regular couriers? Below are a few things you need to remember before you commit to offering same-day delivery.

First, let’s discuss the delivery time. Same-day couriers can guarantee that your packages get delivered within 24 hours. The time it takes for regular couriers to make their deliveries may vary.

Next, consider the quality of service. Most same-day delivery couriers stand out because of their great service. They don’t only offer express services but also great care and attention to the packages. Regular couriers get thousands of packages and won’t treat yours with special care.

You have a variety of options for same-day delivery services. You can use last-mile delivery services and warehousing services. You can also ask your express courier to pay special attention to fragile items, like artwork. The customer who has same-day mail delivery won’t be happy if his package arrived broken.

Same-day delivery services also have their disadvantages. On pricing, standard mail services already have a fixed rate for packages. Those rates often depend on the weight of the item and sometimes on how far it’ll go.

While standard couriers take longer to deliver goods, they’re also more affordable. Also, they post notices of price increases so customers stay informed. Same-day services can be more expensive and varied in their pricing.

When it comes to security, you can also expect that standard couriers have the upper hand. Standard couriers don’t get swamped by the thousands of packages they need to deliver within the day. Their couriers tend to be more relaxed and have more time to check everything off.

How To Use Same-Day Delivery Services

Now, you’re wondering, how do I mail something with guaranteed same-day delivery? If you want to make sure that your packages get delivered in 24 hours, look for the best mail delivery services. If you’re delivering something out of the city, try using well-known delivery brands like FedEx or UPS.

It’s as easy as bringing your items to the store and picking among the options. For example, FedEx has a variety of same-day, same-city delivery services. You can pick from Direct, Priority, Standard, and Economy.

Until what time do I have to mail a letter for same-day delivery? If you’re mailing an urgent letter to someone and you want it to reach the person within the day, don’t mail it too late in the day. It’s always better to check the last collection time of the delivery service.

Often, the last collection time for most same-day mail courier services is 5 pm. However, even that isn’t a guarantee. The best way to guarantee overnight delivery for a letter is to pay for express mail.

Mail Your Packages With Same-Day Mail Delivery

That’s our quick guide on using same-day mail delivery. We hope you enjoyed reading and learning about same-day mail delivery.

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